Love the melody, the harmony of nature
Hidden under the dense foliage of tropical forests, flowers, plant seeds, weed, and even the tiny dew drops singing to the great tunes of spring and life.
The film is done by placing consecutive turns, then process to run faster to be able to see every move of the flowers are in full bloom. Thus where things suddenly come alive, great and splendid than ever.
Macro footage gorgeous high quality Edited by Chokchai Love is King, an amateur mechanic Thailand.

Each one of us has felt different natural settings, however facing a majestic natural scenery and colorful, most probably feel excited and admiring the beauty of nature.

If you are a nature lover and especially loved the majestic scenery, the background of the theme majestic natural” below will be a gift not to be missed.

The collection includes background images of high quality, with beautiful views and the most spectacular of nature will make your desktop more attractive airy and beautiful.